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about us

Life can present thorns, but you don't have to face them alone.

Are you tired of always juggling everything by yourself? Do you crave a community of women who understand your challenges and cheer for your victories? Discover the Bloom Society Sisterhood!

When one of us Blooms,

we all bloom!

Our membership sets us apart from other women's groups in Pierce County. We go beyond business networking or playdates; we are a sisterhood of women from diverse generations and cultures, united by a belief in genuine connections and mutual support. Our ethos rejects gossip and mean-girl mentalities; instead, we prioritize uplifting each other with kindness and respect.

Life can present thorns, but you don't have to face them alone. Our community of women is ready to stand by you as you strive for personal and professional success. Whether you're venturing into entrepreneurship, exploring new interests, seeking companionship, or aiming for a better life balance, our support network is here for you.

Don't hesitate any longer! Become a part of the Bloom Society Sisterhood and experience the strength of genuine relationships and collective encouragement. We look forward to embracing you into our Sisterhood!

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Shop and Events

The Bloom Society Gift Shop is a welcoming environment designed for curators and creatives with exceptional taste and style to showcase their products. It offers a space that not only draws in local shoppers but also benefits from the support of the Sisterhood of Bloom Society members and community gatherings. Say goodbye to worrying about consignment options and let Bloom Society become your new selling partner!

At Bloom Society, we organize professional and creative workshops, shopping events, social gatherings, and various special events for our members and the local community. If you have a workshop to host or a unique service or product that doesn't qualify for in-store consignment, we'd be thrilled to feature it. Say goodbye to event venue worries - let Bloom Society be your ideal collaboration partner!

meet the founder


Meet Jessica
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How it all Started

In Summer of 2020, I stepped down from running a local chapter for a women's connection group in Tacoma, WA, after a 2.5 year run. My first initial thoughts were that I would be relieved from so much, especially during such a trying time. I grew to miss what I created, especially when I realized that what I lead was missed by many. That's when I felt a tug in my heart and felt a whisper in my spirit saying "you can do that too". I was curious and excited to even think about starting a women's connection group of my own. After one last conversation with another member from the chapter I had previously ran, I went all in. She made me realize how much value I brought to the women of this community. That's a hard one for me to swallow because I get really bad imposter syndrome. But I honored the

call and here we are.

Hey there!


"I'm an electric connector,
Lover of the human race, and bringing Harmony to a community of women is one of my cheerleader pom-poms."


All encompassing spirituality; most religions hold wisdom and connection to our creator.

Harmony in Community. It's ok to agree to disagree on things and still find commonality, positivity and beauty in one another. 

Embracing the journey God has me on and choosing joy and contentment in it.

xoxo Jessica Larimore


A passionate entrepreneur and fervent supporter of women's empowerment, Jessica established Bloom Society in 2023 as a nurturing space for women to connect, grow, and thrive together. The society offers networking opportunities, educational workshops, community gatherings, and a consignment shop that emphasizes authenticity, integrity and inclusivity.

When it comes to community engagement, Jessica is a relentless powerhouse. Her commitment to nurturing connections and helping others is genuinely inspiring. Whether spearheading local initiatives or championing important causes, Jessica's dedication to building a vibrant and welcoming community is evident in all her endeavors.

Jessica's creativity shines through as she delights in bringing beauty and joy to others. With a sharp eye for aesthetics and branding, she excels in curating and presenting merchandise with elegance and flair. Her forward-thinking ensures that every aspect of the shopping experience aligns seamlessly with the brand, creating a visually stunning environment that captivates customers.

Jessica cherishes her family, quality time with friends, roller skating, and is currently longing to learn to shuffle dance. She enjoys candles, a glass of moscato, and surrounds herself with more books than she can read. Music from various genres serves as the soundtrack to her life pursuits. Balancing the unforced rhythms of grace with her pursuit of God-sized dreams, she manages mom-life, date nights, self-care, and spiritual growth.

An admirable quality of Jessica is her steadfast dedication to uplifting female entrepreneurs. Her genuine and authentic approach aims to empower others through connection, collaboration, and shared experiences. Jessica's advocacy for women in business extends beyond words, shaping her actions and making her a catalyst for positive change in the small business realm. Embrace the spirit of sisterhood by joining Jessica and the Bloom Society community!

our vision

Our vision is to be the most positive, action-forward, respectful and enjoyable group of women in the Pacific Northwest, so that we may be role models to other women in our surrounding communities.

We want to be known for having such a positive impact on one another that we plant seeds and bring beautiful change to our blossoming communities.

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