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Bloom Society Consignor Application

Thank you for choosing Bloom Society to highlight your small business! Please complete the form to have the chance to showcase your product(s) in our shop in the charming Ruston business district. Approval updates will be conveyed via email. In the interest of fairness, we will stock only 1-2 items from each type of product (specifics will be considered). Approved vendors are required to commit to a minimum

consignment period of three months at our shop. 

If you do not have social media or a website, please upload photos of merchandise you wish to consign. If there is not enough space to upload all photos, you may bring in additional merchandise to your scheduled consignor intake appointment upon approval.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Do you have your own displays that fit the overall aesthetic of Bloom Society?


Would you like to donate anything for the grand opening gift basket? Anyone who shops the weekend of the grand opening will be entered into the raffled drawing.

Gift Basket

Are you interested in helping out at Bloom Society in exchange for discounted consignment fees? Duties include assisting customers, running the register, restocking, tidying up the shop, assisting with member services and events and other miscellaneous task.

Helping in store

We love to collaborate with our community. Do you offer any workshops or services that you would like to showcase at Bloom Society?

Workshops or services

Are you interested in having your merchandise listed on our website?

Merchandise on website

Are you interested in utilizing backstock storage? We offer limited storage space for backstock. Therefore, the amount of inventory that each consignor can place in backstock will be at the sole discretion of Bloom Society, at no additional cost to the consignor, and is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Bloom Society will manage backstock availability as fair as possible and may give more storage space to one consignor over the other for various reasons.

Backstock storage

Bloom Society will provide displays for each business as needed and Bloom Society will merchandise products to enhance sales and to align with shop's overall aesthetic.

Once approved, you will need to pay a non-refundable setup fee of $100.00 and the first month's monthly service fee of $60.00 before your merchandise will be accepted into the shop. The setup fee will not be required again as long as you consecutively remain a consignor with Bloom Society.

You acknowledge that as a non-member of Bloom Society, you will pay 40% of your monthly sales, and as an active member you will pay 30% of your monthly sales. Furthermore, along with the sales percentage, you will incur a $60 monthly service fee and a $2.00 ACH deposit fee for each month for a three month consignment term.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Bloom Society?


By the end of each month, your commission fees, your ACH deposit fee and your monthly service fee for the following month (if applicable) will be deducted from your consignment account. The remaining balance in your consignment account will be paid via direct deposit by the 10th of the subsequent month.

It is your duty to monitor your inventory carefully and ensure that you provide Bloom Society with adequate stock that aligns perfectly with the current trends, season and/or holiday.

Bloom Society is a gift shop geared towards women. We have limited capacity for children's and men's items.

I acknowledge that I have read the application in its entirety and that my application will be reviewed within one week of its submission,  and that I will be notified via email of my acceptance.

Thanks for applying to consign with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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